Family therapy empowers family members to support each other. Honest emotional engagement.

Family Therapy

Family therapy empowers family members to support each other. It moves beyond the one-on-one patient and psychologist relationship, to draw in your family members and/or people with a close relationship to you. Fundamentally, it acknowledges that by working with the ‘family’ group collectively – which can also be friends, who are your family – we create a sustainable support network for the client moving forward.

Our psychologists provide the tools to enable honest emotional engagement, in a safe and caring environment. It’s not about blame or criticism. It’s a considerate therapy, focused on building existing strengths and relationships, whilst being sensitive to the needs of all individuals participating in the counselling.

Family therapy can help to improve the communication and emotional functioning of your family collective, resolving conflicts and addressing any learned behaviors and established patterns which create recurring tension.

Working Together

Individual strength can be enhanced or diminished by the family collective. Sometimes the family dynamic has been impacted by internal or external influences, with members of the group unable to resolve conflict. That’s where family therapy can be very effective.

Eligible clients with a Mental Health Plan can receive Medicare rebates. Some Private Health Funds provide rebates. Referrals are not needed.

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